The figure

The figure in the shadows

He will not let me be

I know it’s a he

I never knew a woman who was a peeping Tom

He stays there

In the corner of my eye

And every time I come exit a room now

I catch him mid-stride as he flees

Yesterday, I caught him off guard

We had the three-second stare off

What do you say when you come to face with your demons ?

Even now, he watches from outside the window as I sleep

He fleets in and out

I know, I see the shadows

For who else is here to move but me ?

So I sit in the dark, still

And pretend. We pretend

But we know

He and I,

Of the other.


I hope you sleep well

You’re my one regret

I should have taken better care of you

But how could I

You’d fed me to the birds

How could I hold you

when I was falling apart,myself

In this life, there’ll be no fruit

But in the next

I’ll be your mother

Shower you with the love

that you never had

I’ll Rock you to sleep

You sweet sweet child of sorrow

I’ll learn to play the harp

Just so I can show you beauty

Learn to till the earth

So we can grow flowers

And your grave wouldn’t lie empty again.

I hope you sleep well tonight

Sweet child of mine.

Building things

My childhood dreams were made of breeze

Gently, calmly, slowly, slipping away

My childhood homes were made of glass and straws and palm fronds

Each unique, each holding a piece of me

And when the fire came

And when the storm came

And when the hail came

To each of them

To each their own

And when time came

I rode off on the breeze of my childhood dreams

I’m thread on a spool

And as I rode away.

I unraveled.

And the things I built

And the things that were built around me

They were all dreams.


I Love you

I never loved you

I love every one

Men, Women

I never loved you

You were a hobby

A nick in my passing


Like knitting

And when you pricked my finger

I dropped you

I was only passing time

Why should it hurt ?

I love you

These are the words I tell myself

So every time I’ve ever said

I love you

It was a reminder

To me

To myself

That I was only bidding time.

I never loved you,

It was love, for myself.

I know

I know what you did last night

Dear child lost

I know what you did last night

In your little house of horrors

You contorted and incanted

Cursed and enchanted

I know what you did last night

You stole a kitten

A child from their cradle too

You stole a man too

Trapped in your entrapment

And you

And everyone who is in you

Ye, legion

You said: This is what we wanted.

There’s war at home

In daddy’s pockets when he comes home from a hard days work

War when the cooking pots gone to bed

After only serving our meals

He and mommy’ll have to lie hungry in bed

Chima never comes to school now

His mothers sold him to the militia

But for a few tubers of yam

So his sisters mightn’t starve

I see him on their evening raids now

Tiny feet in grown mens boots

Green beret

A man’s shirt’s a dress on a little boy

Chima goes to war now

His eyes look distant when they look at me now

He sees through us

The pain the betrayal he must feel

The pain the betrayal I feel

Who’ll walk to school with me in a trail of dust

Who’ll push me in the stream when I’m too afraid to jump ?

Chima’s a hero now

They paraded his corpse at dawn

They say he fought bravely

But what’s a child’s might against a soldiers gun ?