I don’t believe your lies

You don’t believe mine too

I don’t really need you

Too make my dreams come true

But now I realize

You’re the most steadfast of my woes

And I’d rather live life old

With you as my friend, close .

I gave up a lot for you

I said no to god for you

I killed my hope for you

I lied that I needed you

And I lied, endlessly too


Maid made

Put on your rags

Get right back to work

You slave

You have found your dying trade

Put on your rags

And for those demons that you’ve slain

Be shamed

You slave

Be shamed .

Doors and windows

Doors and windows

Open them for angels

Let the demons come in

Let them live as we do

Let them love as we do

Let them take in payment

Our blood sacrifice

Sacrificial lambs

Our occult practice

Its a song that we know

And we sing from our hearts

And the chains we’re fighting

They’ll no longer hold us

Back from diving head first

Into life’s tribulations

We’re a one way freight train

Our … I got tired .