Tonight’s the night 

A warm robe

Freezing feet

I dreamed a dream of coconuts

Accepted defeats 

I know your life’s not all for nuts

My smile, albeit dainty 

Lifts in wonder of secret puns 

But tonight’s the night 

When your bed will lie unmade

Tonight’s the night

The next door is shut for safety 

Tonight’s the night 

But you’re too old for making babies .


True Love does not exist 

My love took my life the day she took hers

She went with not a single glance back 

She was not Lots wife 

She didn’t understand 

She was the Salt of my life

My neon sign on a dreary night 

True love doth not exist, within us

Not in these walls 

Not in this world 

True loves a mirage 

A shadowy being 

Tricking you into the bowels of hell 

So soul

Put a hole in my head 

He won’t put me dead 

Of all the thoughts that I dread

This one here’s best 
You put a hole in my head 

And I’m still held 

It’s a lesser loss 

Than my gaping soul emptiness