Trumpets and Jericho

Hells frozen over 

My heads in my hands

Tears slipping freely 

And the voices they chant

The rains on a splatter 

The rains a rouge 

Stealing the day 

And the sun from our kind 

Where do we march on

Soldiers in robes

We were not ready for the trumpet call

It’s the wall of Jericho

From not so long ago 

And the tiger with her ‘fro 

Will not be coming home 

Le Fleur

I’m a flower 

No not a wallflower 

A flower in a vase 

No . No . 

A flower in a case 

Potpourri .

 Plucked . Preserved . 

Beautifully slowly diminishing ,

Essence seeping into your air 

I permeat your space , your thoughts

Beautiful . You look and forget .

Never as good as a rose in bloom,

You pluck , you forget 

The coolest shade of Blue

You’re not my shade of blue 

But I will not leave you 

You’re the brightest shade of blue 

One of my favourite two

Whichever who .

Hey blue , 

How long will we remain blue,

Till dear death comes for me and you ?

Or when the lies turn true ??

Hey sparrow blue !

You’re my coolest shade of blue

Yes you 😊