They made monsters.

But not me .


Smooth Talking zic

It’s in the touch of your thumb

My lips , they tremble

Feather lights whispers down my spine

The safety of your embrace

Your love , it’s cocoon

Your big strong arms

And your confessions against my skin when I pretend to slumber

It’s in the sound of your joy

When I make you happy

When I make you mine

That I have found peace

The rumble of your speech

As it sails through my bloodstream

You gentle giant .

I love you .

Oh mother Dear ,

I’m deaf to your ministrations

If by now you you haven’t heard

Then you really must be dead

Oh no ! Not you Ma

The other, dear

Soul I am , carrying my battles on my head

Only so much to bother my chest

You see ,

These woman she’s such a wretch

The devils wretch you see

To the Man of My Dreams

You’re still the man of my dreams

Wrecking havoc on my heart

I cannot.

I cannot . Get you out of my head

Every other man bears your smile

Just as cunning,

Just as mad ,

Your face keeps me away

Keeps me at bay

Of my wondrousity

It’s your face sir

It’s how I know their intent.

But , you’re still the man of my dreams

This morning, like every other night

You made my heart beat to the rhythm of your deeds.

I thought you’d made me look a life cherished

Then I sprung to really.

And I remember

Can’t lose what you already lost to the man in your dreams.

No title ||

Lay your bitter tongue to rest

You beautiful daughter of Jezebel

Mere mortals have sparred and lost

Fellow queens have sparred and lost

Ruling with a spear

Lodged permanently in your chest

But still open your arms to hold

And cherish

And spew sweet words and

Encouragement of love

Hold your bitter tongue

You beautiful daughter of Jezebel

For if your true self beheld

Kingdoms would crumble

Nations would burn


I did not mean to make you cry

That night

In your packed car

The night I took your life

The night I broke my heart

I didn’t know

And you were just as wrong

So we did what was thought right ,

You let me take your life .