Color Me Hate

How? Mr. BlackHatter 

Just how , is all I want to know 

Need to know 

How my skin is too unpure too grace your sight 

But my heart you’ll harvest for a nicer life 

How my face is ugly 

But my kidneys they’ll do well for your hailing son 

How , How ?! Mr BlackHatter 

Did you bring Me Jesus 

But forget him at your borders door 

What wrong have I done ?

But you forget when you do the things you do 

That I live on 

In your son , and your Sons son 

And his daughter too


Destinys Love 

You’re tired 

And there’s  no way out

You’re in bondage

And You can’t just shake these chains off

There’s a shadow lurking in the corner 

And the picture frames they make you sad 

There’s no light at the end of the tunnel


It’s a never ending twist 

And some days you’ll feel like a kite

But most day you’ll feel like a flower in a vase

And you’d yearn to feel the wind 

But , but

You are special

You are a work of art

You are a miracle 

You are powerful 

And you only need to reach within 

To harness your light 

I love you.


Our stories ring true

And run dry too

Tales of rug burns 

And too many nights 

Spent on our knees

Desperately toiling 

Mongrels sniffing for the next crumb of bread 

A strangers perfume hangs on your hair 

Your gold watch, a barter for half a pound 

In these days 



Water runs thin next to what we’re bound by

And I reckon these people know the rest


These ones made monsters 

Half a dozen too

A bastard, An arrogant, one Empath, the ignorant and two lain at the Lords foot

These ones made monsters

And thought to rest at the lords bossom and the other to lose a leg 

These ones made monsters and left them in a teacup with a drop each of thunderstorm, whirlwind and despair


Go bow down before your king 

It’s a Sermon 


Preaching salvation

Fighting demons head on

Take the bull by the horns

We’ve got time for one 

Hurry now ,let’s be gone

It’s a Sermon , it’s done

Hail thee , praise thee

Hail Mary’s and plea’s

Three ,

The holy trinity 

Sing these Latin hymns

Pray till the lord is pleased 

It’s a Sermon 


Store Bought 

Store bought my beauty is

Face powder , red lipstick 

Transcending beauty standards


Chiseled cheeks

Disguise my swollen lips

Tap tap

It’s a clap for you 

Your hate has lightened my skin 

Banana powder for this bags

Puff some French perfume 

And if you’re lucky she’ll leave her Mac.