Broken Pieces 

Bird in a cage 

Same old song 

Scratch your face

Flap your wings

There’s no letting out 

Candle flame

Burn to death 

Light in doom

Ever seen a snake kill itself

Flower in a picture frame

Vases hold decay 


Midnight throngs 

The wall’s bleeding again 

Or maybe it’s just surreptitous shadows

The philanderer the next house sure can snore

And Here’s a man curled in hurt 

Wanting just a little love 

But what’s life’s worth if it ain’t lived

What’s life’s worth if it’s lived in pain

In Mary’s Shack

We’ve raised monsters, we’ve raised hell

Backs taut from sitting up all night 

Counting our shillings. Eating our bread

We’ve raised hell , and Mary’s none too impressed